At WEAVERCOOKE, safety is our #1 priority on every jobsite. We are committed to protecting the safety of all employees, subcontractors, owners, and occupants, and have developed an extensive safety program. WEAVERCOOKE's Safety Director works with our project management teams to develop project-specific safety plans. All jobsites are monitored carefully for effective implementation of safety procedures, resulting in an exemplary safety record for our projects.


WEAVERCOOKE's project team members are trained to accurately track, report and control costs throughout construction. Our open book policy gives our clients access to current construction cost information, allowing them to make solid financial decisions throughout the course of a project.

All project schedules are maintained and updated by our on-site project teams, allowing our clients immediate access to critical schedule information.


Quality is dependent on setting high standards for performance early in the project. A great deal of our work involves high-end finishes and thus is very sensitive to quality standards. WEAVERCOOKE makes every effort to impart the significance of the work to be done and the goals of the project to each tradesman and subcontractor in order to ensure a sense of pride and ownership in what they do.

Our experienced staff will review the work regularly and bring to the attention of the designer and subcontractors any work we feel is not meeting the standards of both the contract specifications and industry. We offer a proven ability to understand our clients' quality expectations and a sound track record in meeting or exceeding them.


WEAVERCOOKE's project team members receive ongoing training through our in-house training program in project management and client relationship practices. We also utilize technology as appropriate to enhance project communication and collaboration. As a result, our project managers and superintendents have the know-how, resources and support necessary to effectively manage our clients' most challenging projects, and consistently deliver them on time and on budget.