A New Partnership in Affordable Housing - November 2018

WEAVERCOOKE has a long history in providing housing where it’s needed most. In 1939, our company was founded to provide multiple housing developments that served as the first homes for many young World War II veterans. We were eventually asked to joint venture to construct 2,000 units of housing in Fort Bragg, and that allowed us to jump into multi-family construction.

Weavercooke has developed partnerships to provide affordable housing throughut North Carolina

Today Affordable Housing is providing safe and decent housing where it’s needed most, and WEAVERCOOKE is proud to be one of the foremost contractors in Affordable Housing in NC. Not only have we completed more units under more funding sources than almost any contractor in the state, we’ve also been involved in innovative and pioneering programs. One example of that is Givens Gerber, which was created in partnership with Givens Estate, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) also known as a Life Plan Community.

Givens Estate, a CCRC developed by WEAVERCOOKE, recieved a 2018 Housing North Carolina AwardCCRC’s have an important mission – to provide care and community to aging members of our society. However, the traditional CCRC model is only able to serve a small fraction of the aging population. Lower income adults have a hard time accessing the level of service provided by non-profit retirement communities.

Givens Estate is one of the first CCRC’s to invest in Affordable Housing, and create a mixed-income community for seniors in Asheville, NC. This multi-phase project provides a total of 260 units that are a mix of market rate and affordable apartments. Amenities for the community include a barber shop, library with computers, public kitchen, screened-in porch, and public storage area for tenants.

This partnership between affordable housing and senior living communities was one of five properties recognized by the NC Housing Finance with 2018 Housing North Carolina Awards, North Carolina’s top honor for affordable housing, given to communities that can serve as a model to others. The model of partnership between CCRCs and Affordable Housing demonstrated by Givens Gerber is one that has tremendous potential, and is gaining popularity. It is an innovative way for non-profit communities to achieve their mission at a greater capacity than ever before.