Rapid Rehab – September 2018

WeaverCooke Job Fair Booth

2018 has been designated by our executive team as the year that WEAVERCOOKE becomes an expert in Small Batch Train.

We first started looking at Small Batch Train (SBT) last year, and it seemed like a system that could drastically cut down the time it took to renovate units for rapid rehab projects. When Greensboro Housing Authority decided to work with us on a 635-unit rapid rehab of scattered sites throughout the Greensboro area, we had the opportunity to turn that theory into reality.

Since the GHA rehabs started in April, our team has completed 345 units in Greensboro with the Small Batch Train. We also have a second rapid rehab job starting in Asheville, Ledgewood Village, which is utilizing SBT. Between these two jobs, WEAVERCOOKE has had the opportunity to become comfortable with the SBT system and verify that it is as efficient as we had expected. GHA and Ledgewood Village currently account for about one third of all of WEAVERCOOKE’s work under contract.

2018 is the year executives designated as “the year we become experts in Small Batch Train,” and we are well on our way to achieving that goal. After seeing how efficient SBT can be, we have decided to apply it to all of our projects. All new construction will start using SBT once they have finished hanging drywall. Tuckaseegee has already begun this process, and Loftin at Montcross and Booker Park will soon start using SBT as well.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, WEAVERCOOKE is always looking to make the systems we adopt as efficient as possible. For Small Batch Train, the main focus is on making the process continuously flow, with one trade quickly able to follow the next.