Ray Currin Retires – September 2017

Ray CurrinRay Currin retired on September 4th, after almost 10 years working with our Preconstruction team.

We appreciate the time and dedication Ray has given to WEAVERCOOKE over the years. His skills and experience have been an invaluable asset on a wide range of complex and unique projects.

In 2016, Ray took some time off to travel around the country, and sent photos back to WEAVERCOOKE. He and his travel companions (pictured to the right) made the trip in an RV. Ray sent us pictures as he rode a mule down the Grand Canyon and saw the geysers and waterfalls in Yosemite. We viewed The Alamo, Big Bend in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, San Antonio, Tucson, and Yosemite, and many other places through Ray’s camera lens. We are excited for the adventures ahead of him, and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Although Ray is officially retiring from WEAVERCOOKE, he will continue to support us on a part-time contract basis.