Habitat for Humanity - June 2017

At 7:00 AM on June 24th the Habitat home at 730 Prince Rd was just a concrete slab. By 11:00 in the morning, all the framing for the walls had been put up, and foam insulation was installed on the outer walls.

Over twenty volunteers from the WEAVERCOOKE office and prefabrication workshop chalked out the placement of the frame on the concrete slab, and then moved each section off the truck, caulking the edges, and nailing the pieces of the frame into place.

The frame for the Habitat House was created in WEAVERCOOKE’s prefabrication warehouse beforehand, in sections small enough to move by hand with just a few volunteers. Using 3D modeling technology, we can find the exact measurements of a home and the precise way the pieces will fit together, making prefabrication a viable, and fast, option.

Habitat for Humanity’s mission is a natural fit with WEAVERCOOKE. Our company originally started in 1939, when Herman Weaver saw a need for housing as veterans returned from World War II. As WEAVERCOOKE grew, those roots in housing continued to inform what projects we focused on. We have been helping to fill the need for affordable housing in North Carolina, and the Southeast as a whole, for as long as the programs have been in place to provide it. WEAVERCOOKE is excited to have been able to work with Habitat for Humanity on this project.