Pennington Grove Grand Opening – May 2018

Pennington Grove in Garner, NC celberated its grand opening on May 4thPennington Grove in Garner, NC celebrated its Grand Opening on Friday, May 4th. The event took place outdoors, next to the new building. The speakers DHIC had invited were the people who had come together to make the project happen: the local politicians who had supported Pennington and selected it for grants, the banks that had provided funding, and DHIC staff that had helped develop the property into a community.

Jamie Ramsey, who was the Project Manager at Pennington for DHIC, spoke about how exciting it was to finally see such a welcoming community come out of so much hard work. She acknowledged WEAVERCOOKE, as well as the Engineers and Architects, and mentioned that the project had completed on time and under budget.

The last speaker’s slot was reserved for one of the residents, Gretchel, a retired healthcare professional who had been watching the project come to life before we ever broke ground.

We celebrated the victory that so many seniors on fixed incomes now had a safe, beautiful place to call home. However, many of the speakers at this event also reminded us that the work is far from done, that the need for affordable communities is still greatly outweighing the supply available. Waitlists are long and communities fill up quickly. Our seniors helped build our communities into the incredible places they are, and we are excited to continue building communities for them that they are proud to call home.

Pennington is an affordable community built by Weavercooke Construction