Pennington Grove – (May) Bringing Affordable Homes to Wake County

Pennington Grove is an affordable community for seniors in Wake CountyHousing costs are rapidly increasing in Wake County, an increase that the average family income isn’t keeping up with. Developers like DHIC are stepping in to help by providing subsidized communities in the Wake County area. Currently, they’re working with the City of Garner on an affordable community for seniors. WEAVERCOOKE is the general contractor for the first phase of the development, which by the end could provide as many as 166 units of affordable housing for Garner’s seniors.

The first phase, currently under construction, is set to be 83 one- and two-bedroom units. Its many amenities include a fitness room, gazebo, library, banquet area, and large screened-in porch. The leasing center and offices will be on the first floor of the building. The project is keeping pace with an aggressive schedule that has construction finishing at the end of December.

In appreciation of the subcontractors that have helped us keep the project on track, and the city and county, who helped secure funding and review applications for the project, WEAVERCOOKE recently hosted a Topping Off Party at the job site. Several employees of Wake County, including two county commissioners, and the Mayor of Garner, had a chance to walk through and tour the project. We were also happy to be able to give back to our subcontractors, without whom these projects could never happen.

There is a second phase for the community planned to start shortly after the first one finishes, but it is still in early planning stages. The development is in a great area though, with services and retail shopping nearby, and a new YMCA being built just down the road. The apartments will add a lot to their community, and we’re excited to be working with DHIC to bring affordable housing that seniors can be proud to call home to the city of Garner.

The first phase of Pennington Grove is under construction