Annual Company Meeting - April 2018

The WEAVERCOOKE team met on April 27th at Noah’s Event Center for our Annual Company Meeting. The theme for this meeting was the flywheel, a large and heavy wheel used in machinery. It takes a lot of energy to get the wheel moving, but once it starts moving fast, it’s so heavy that it’s almost impossible to stop it. As we adopt new technology, learn new processes, and receive more training, we are starting the slow process of getting the wheel turning towards innovation and progress. As that becomes more of the culture of the company, we are able to rely on the law of inertia to keep the wheel spinning.

Weavercooke Company Meeting

The format of the meeting started with a presentation by Dan on our current statistics as a company. This was followed by presentations from our Project Managers on our current and very recent projects. A few people, like Steve Allison and Dan Troutman, took on the role of speaker for Project Managers who weren’t able to attend.

Eddie Carroll, Mike Spafford, Savannah Murphy, and Steve Allison gave a more in-depth look at the specific ways that we are innovating and looking ahead in individual sections of our company, like Preconstruction, Operations, and Recruitment.

Weavercooke Company MeetingSarah Levitt was our final speaker for the morning. She was a guest speaker who specializes in effective leadership strategies. Not only did she tell us impactful stories and emphasize the importance of recognizing people for positive work and performance, but she also answered a lot of questions about leadership from our team.

As a general contracting firm, we have the unique challenge of creating a unified culture with the same goals that stretches across over a dozen job sites and multiple offices. The company meeting is an excellent tool to help us accomplish that. We appreciate everyone that was able to make it out to the meeting, and everyone who stayed on-site at their jobs so that others could attend. We are looking forward to another successful year, growing not only financially, but also in what we are able to accomplish as a company.