Habitat for Humanity Dedication Ceremony - February 2018

In June of 2017, WEAVERCOOKE brought over twenty of its employees out to a concrete slab at 730 Prince Street that would soon serve as the foundations for a Habitat for Humanity home. Our team had been prefabricating the frame of the house, and now brought the pieces out to put together. Each section was small enough to be carried by a few volunteers and hammered into place. By 11:00 in the morning, all the frames had been put up and foam insulation had been installed on the outside of the house.

WeaverCooke Habitat for Humanity

In spite of the jumpstart that prefabrication gave it, there was still a lot of work to do before Abdellatif and his wife Khadija would have a finished house. On February 3rd, WEAVERCOOKE was excited to finally attend a dedication ceremony for the couple’s completed home.

Creating homes and helping people’s hopes and dreams be realized are at the core of what WEAVERCOOKE strives to provide in the communities that we serve. We are proud to have helped this family create a house they are proud to call home.